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President's Message

President's Message

Thank you very much for visiting the web site of Nitto Kasei Co., Ltd. among many other chemical workers! Already 60 years have passed since Tatsuo Katsumura founded Nitto Kasei. Let me look back on some milestones of Nitto Kasei’s history:

  • - Nitto Kasei firstly succeeded in Japan to succeed in developing an organo-tin stabilizer for PVC, contributing greatly to development of the PVC industry in Japan.
  • - Nitto Kasei firstly succeedd in the world to develop organo-tin polymer for marine antifouling application, greatly improving the fuel efficiency of the world maritime shipping industry. The technology won high reputation as the "best invention of the century" from the industry.
  • - Nitto Kasei developed organo-tin hardening catalysts for such reactions as urethane foaming, silicone bridging, epoxy hardening and esterification; such products are now essential for the manufacture of automobiles, building materials, electronic materials, etc.
  • - Nitto Kasei succeeded in developing an organo-tin agricultural insecticide, supporting world grain production.
  • - Responding to the ban on organo-tin polymer for marine antifouling application, Nitto Kasei successfully developed and commenced the manufacture and sale of the world’s first environmentally responsible organao-silyl polymer.
  • - Focusing on electronic material field, Nitto Kasei started manufacturing and supplyung additives for electrolytic solution of Li-ion battery and materials for electrical conduction coating of solar battery panel.
  • - Responding to the ban on organic tin polymer, Nitto Kasei succeeded in developing an environmentally responsible organo-boron marine antifouling biociede, which has become a standard product supporting cultivation industry.

… and today, thanks to many customers, and business partners, in its highly specialized business domain Nitto Kasei enjoys the top market share in Japan and first or second place worldwide in some product categories. Nitto Kasei’s history is indeed history of technological development, without which a small-scale chemical manufacture like us could never have survived in this age of fierce global competition, let alone anticipate even brighter future.

Our Management Principle ´Only business entities that serve society can survive; we create products that serve society.´

Our goal is to become a company about which customers say "Thank to Nitto Kasei" and "We must be in trouble without Nitto Kasei," by offering high-performance, environmentally responsible products with supreme quality, thereby contributing to global environmental protection and to humanity’s well-being. All the members of Nitto Kasei sincevely hope to serve our 6.5 billion fellow humans through our work at Nitto Kasei, and leave our small footpoint of contribution to the future of the Planet.
Continued understanding and warm support to Nitto Kasei from valuable customers. raw material suppliers, trading companies, banks, universities and research institutes, joint R&D partners, shareholders and other stakeholders will be greatly appreciated.

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